Pet food sales as a business idea for a startup

Aim of our company is offering a wide product range and qualitative services on high level.
Now on the Internet, unrelated to the zoo business, you can find commendable reviews about startups who are considering the sale of pet food. The main message is a convenient business for a budding entrepreneur.
What you need to consider? What does not lie on the surface?

1. The range should in no case be obsessed with feeds for cats and dogs, birds, rodents, ornamental fish and reptiles. Pet food is only a reason to communicate with your regular customers, to meet their needs and take care of the development of a culture of consumption of the entire range of products for pets. The markup on feed, even if the prices recommended by the suppliers by all market operators are observed, will not allow you to adequately maintain the store as the profit is small.

2. Profitable categories of products that are worth paying attention to when forming the range are:
a) accessories and toys;
b) drugs and prophylactic agents for the most common diseases of domestic animals;
c) a variety of delicacies;
d) care products;
e) furniture and animal carriers;
e) pet clothes.

3. Another point is the formation of the team. Personnel training is one of the main business development incentives. You do not necessarily try to get/lure an experienced employee. It is enough to take understanding and willing to develop people. Of course, with a suitable education for the sale of pet products. Preferably graduated from zoological or veterinary faculties. And when trading drugs - a veterinarian - is a prerequisite for the opening of the pet store.

4. Seasonality in the pet goods trade is one of the incentives to revise the store's range on time.

5. Do not chase the breadth of the lines presented in the assortment. Focus on the breadth of categories of pet products that you offer to the buyer. Most often, three assortment analogues are enough (in economy, medium and premium segment) to successfully cover absolutely all customer requests.

6. The choice of premises is one of the important aspects of this startup. For the sleeping areas of the city - this is a store up to 50 square meters located in the local shopping center near the spontaneous or stationary market, on the ground floor of a large residential complex or store, which is located near the veterinary clinic. In the latter case, it is not bad to hold loyal talks with them about possible cooperation.

7. And, in conclusion. Once again we will list the main cost items that should be formed when calculating the budget for opening a pet store:
a) rental of premises plus utility payments/Internet and so on;
b) production of advertising signs, repair of the premises;
c) trade equipment, cash register/computer;
d) the volume of goods for the initial filling of the store;
e) working capital (for an advertising campaign, for staff salaries, for obtaining permits for trade, and so on);

Wish you all successful startups and quick profits! Choose reliable suppliers. The goal of our company is to offer a wide range of goods and services with a constantly high quality of service, and this is the key to your success too.
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