Sale of fish and plants

Aim of our company is offering a wide product range and qualitative services on high level.

This article is not only a guide for creating a beautiful and correct atmosphere in a pet store, but also a visual instruction to the "successful" arrangement of various aquarium products in order to advantageously provide your goods on the shelves.

Upper decks are occupied by large or rare fish. It is easy to see them from any place in the store. They are seldom asked, so you will not need to jump on ladder with hoop net often. Middle decks are occupied by the most popular and most demanded fish and plants. On this level it is convenient to catch them and streaks on the front wall of the aquarium can be easy and more quickly removed. Low decks are occupied by amphibians and sometimes they are filled with mangrove roots on the shelves or colored ground.

Assortment selection of fish for selling often depends on seller’s preferences. Things that you personally like and are interested in are always selling better. The first thing noted by consumer is well-conditioning and cleanness of the fish tanks, absence of dried waterdrops on the front wall of aquarium. Moreover, the consumer can note the visual level of water in the tank remained the water vapour and dried salt. These little things create the impression about the petshop’s level at once.

It is not a secret that stands for fish selling are equipped with nowadays technical achievements. For example, compact noiseless filters for filtration, special lamps for lighting. Therefore, fish is more bright for visual perception. But we have one more positive moment. During the staying in the shop fish’s health is not under the big risk for its life. While moving to the new owner fish doesn’t require long quarantine.

It is worth to combine fish selling with advertisement of decorative elements (h.e. ground, ceramics, different stars and figurines) in order to attract more attention of target customer.

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