Sale of birds

Aim of our company is offering a wide product range and qualitative services on high level.

Usually it attracts attention of kids and teenagers. If stand with animals seizes kids for a long time it means that exposition of animals is organized well.

Usually (according to European practice) stands are general for birds and rodents. Only boarding is different. Upper decks are occupied by birds because they fill themselves not comfortable on lower decks as this contradict to their physiology. Feeders are located on the lateral side thus we will have not much grain food’s wastes on the floor. There compulsory should be pushing trays in the cages otherwise daily cleaning of cages will pass into hunting on the flied out birds. Tray should be compulsory cleaned and washed. The same with feeders and drinking bowls.

Important moment is feeding if birds! During maintenance of birds in the shop they should be feed strictly by intended food but not by averaged grain mixture in order to avoid atrophy and peptic disorder.

Separate question is availability of toys in the cages. Bored parrot can foolishly twitter all the day or look into the mirror, swim, tumble on the ladder or ring. This will define buyer's opinion in availability of such bird in the house.

Best seller among birds are pet parakeets, zebroid and rice finches, lovebirds, corals, roseolas, red-breasted parrakeets. It is so called mass birds. But availability of rare species (h.e. African silverbills, red-necked finces, Gouldian finches) and middle birds (h.e. diamond doves) enhance the authority of birds’ department greatly.

Separate attention is deserved by big parrots (h.e. Amazona parrots, African gray parrots, cockatoos, macaws). Their entry to Ukraine was reduced because of avian influenza but not entirely. Veterinary certificate (Reference form #1) is confirmation of properly importation of bird to Ukraine. If necessary importer provides with license of SITEZ (h.e. analog of our Red Book worldwide). Illegally imported bird has one essential fault that is often death during 1- 3 month. In such cases medical examiners discover hepatomegalia and changes in liver that prove treatment of birds by special drugs in order to cross the border quietly.

Big birds as a rule are maintained in separate cages beyond the stand for animals. From practical experience: if there is lover of parrots among shop assistants there let him take a patronage over the bird. In such situation in 80% of cases bird will start to talk in 1-2 month.

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