Sale of rodents. Small and large rodents

Aim of our company is offering a wide product range and qualitative services on high level.

Lower deck (under the bird’s cages) is layer of glass terrariums with small rodents (h.e. different kinds of hamsters and mouse). From top to bottom it is the kids’ eye level from 3 to 6-7 years.

If glass terrariums are clean and stuffed with fresh bedding and different toys (h.e. wheals, ladders, ceramic mazes) circus acts of rodents are guaranteed to spectators for the full day. In that case shop will become the favorite place to attend by moms and kids. They are your future consumers and even fans.

It is very important to consulate parents about animals during buying the rodents properly. It is forbidden to hide that the most picturesque hamster (h.e. Djungarian hamster) likes to bite and is not proper for small child. It is better to offer degu mouse or other one.

Small rodents are presented in different variations of golden and Djungarian hamsters, Japanese (due to tint they are called Dalmatian ones) and African spiny mouse, Gerbillinaes of different tints.

The lowest decks of the stand are occupying by big rodents (h.e. pigs, rats and rabbits). They need to have velour grasses bedding (they chew it constantly herewith demonstrating full busyness). There exists a lot of varieties of big rodents in the world.

Guinea pigs occur to be smooth-coated, rosette-like, Angora, wire-haired and Shetland ones. Last to breeds belongs to rare ones so they are almost absent for sale.

Rabbits in the exposition are presented by several breeds: short-woolled, black and silvery, cowslip, Angora, Reks (curly) and Polish ones.

Rats is the most popular variety of big rodents. They are loved for cultured minds, easy training, in-touch capabilities. Rats occur to be short-woolled of different tints and различных окрасов. Hairless rats (sphinxes) now are the most popular.

Chinchillas became popular pets due to it lovingness and funny habits. Nice Chinchillas’ habit is to have a sand bath (any box or three-liter jar with sand inside will be suitable for this procedure). Swimming can be a separate spectacle. Habit to sniff with owner tickling him with moustache provokes adoration in all spectators. Missay at once: Chinchilla feels better in shop be maintaining in space cage. Then its agility and curiosity are manifested more brightly.

Appearance of the stand for animal’s sale depends also on necessary equipment (h.e. ceramic bowls (plastic ones will be gnawed at once and will lost its look), drinking bowls of ball-type (animals and bedding after drinking are dry)). For big rodents velour grasses bedding is suitable but for small ones granulated sawdust of high quality is suitable. It provides good look of terrarium and allows to avoid smell of small rodents. Furthermore, using of qualitative functional equipment and beddings incite consumer to buy set of products.

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