Sale of exotic animals and reptiles

Aim of our company is offering a wide product range and qualitative services on high level.

10-15 years ago it was fashionable trend to maintain crocodile, snake or boa, scorpion at a pinch at house or office. Because of lack of experience and practical information there were many amusing and sad events there. It turned out to be that being fed well crocodiles, boas and pythons can dare to grow rapidly up to 2-3m at length herewith pressing the glass walls of terrarium and wandering freely round the flat. Sometimes such pets went after darling cat and organized many other freaks. A bit later this trend came to ought.

But during last 2-3 years terraria boom rose in Europe again. Fortunately, this time everything is not extremely. And above all international manufacturers could invent intelligent solutions for equipment, different food, wide variety of grounds for terrariums simulating desert, humid tropics, moist bog etc. Prime brand of this sector is ExoTerra by Hagen. Main difference of nowadays terraria hobby is sufficient culture of animals’ maintenance, owners’ informational awareness, shops’ provision with equipment and food. Reptiles as an object of interest moved to aesthetic trend (h.e. different frogs and toads, fanciful lizards and geckos, ornamentals form of spiders. Terrarium is getting smaller in size due to mechanical facilities that ensure necessary conditions (humidity or warmth, change lighting patterns and heating). Such terrarium will adorn any premise just as well as aquarium and be noticeable more exotic.

For any petshop especially of good level stand by ExoTerra with animals will be real adornment but with availability in stuff a person who can care for rare and unusual animals.

Considering own experience in sale of exotic animals and reptiles, successful use and sale of ExoTerra stands can give prompt: find good biologist with experience of reptiles’ maintenance. Everything else is practically ready including equipment and presence of nurseries of cold-blooded animal.

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