Activity management of pet shop. Basic parameters

Aim of our company is offering a wide product range and qualitative services on high level.

The following information is relevant for consideration of premium or high medium class pet shop’s formation. For providing such level of pet shop some requirements should be kept.

Basic parameters:

1. Pet shop area – not less than 70-80sq.m.;

2. Pet shop works in the supermarket format where customer has free access to the products;

3. Staff training for work in the hall has a great importance. Well organized pet shop should have a club atmosphere where any visitor (not obviously customer but any potential client) can get all necessary information or advice on his own questions. Kind personnel dressed in a special uniform, light (not annoying) interest of selling assistants obligingly stimulate the customer to come in this particular shop again.

4. Assortment of goods should include wide groups of premium products for different animals including fish.

5. Shop should have aesthetical, functional and rightly designed equipment for selling of animals and fish;

6. Assortment of animals for sell should be maximally wide including reptiles, rare rodents and parrots;

7. Qualification of selling assistants often determines range of pet shop customers: shop assistant is obliged to know much more than the customer;

8. The shop can pretend on premium class only if the products are accompanied by high selling service;

9. The shop of high class is obliged to demonstrate tolerant attitude to permanent customers. This means system of discount cards, special benefits to the most loyal customers, well-formed advertising, marketing activities as for attraction of new customers;

Trade specification:

The work of any shop as commercial entity is regulated by tax and veterinary laws. If basic concepts of tax law are described enough good so then some aspects of fulfillment of veterinary law are poorly known.

1. The first thing which every sale point of pet products faces with is the necessity of getting the license for selling of veterinary drugs. If food or equipment could be realized by everyone so medicated food, vitamins, anthelminthic and insecticidal preparations (not minding the vaccines) certainly fall under definition of veterinary drugs.

2. As a rule pet shop customers are the owners of healthy animals oriented on disease prevention of pets. Owner of ill animal applies to the veterinary clinic then goes to dispensary of veterinary medicine. Usually good pet shop has veterinary station that realizes necessary preparations. With the express aim of work of this veterinary station license for selling of veterinary drugs should be registered. The license is issued by the local department of veterinary medicine according to the claim of entrepreneur with the availability of agreement with fire authority, sanitary hygienic service and working for veterinary doctor.

3. The next thing that is needed to be known for food realization, veterinary drugs and biopreparations (vaccines) is the necessary to have related veterinary documents. All food (for cats, dogs, birds, rodents, fish) obviously should be registered on the territory of Ukraine. This is provided by State Scientific-Research Control Institute of Veterinary Medicinal Products and Feed Additives (Lviv). In such a way all food, feed additives, vitamins, veterinary drugs while realization are obliged to have certificate of quality (or certificate of conformity) and registration certificate. Moreover all products containing animal albumen (primarily food) are accompanied by veterinary certificate (reference form #2).

4. Special requirements are for realization and transportation of vaccines. Firstly, reliable refrigerating equipment as vaccine storage temperature should not exceed 10 degree. Moreover, vaccines’ traffic record should be counted by veterinary station (registration book of receipt selling storage and using of veterinary and immunobiological preparations). Also record of temperature conditions in premises, refrigerator and humidity indoors should be counted (registration book of temperature conditions and humidity).

5. Product validity of veterinary and immunobiological preparations is strictly controlled. It is necessary to do weekly, while shift handover and inventory.

6. Separate question of any shop is veterinary support of animals selling. Veterinary certificate confirms that selling animals and fish are healthy (reference form #1).

Now this is especially essential for due to recent stressful situation as for avian influenza. For getting veterinary certificate every gang of birds should be examined on immunological status as for Pseudopestis avium and avian influenza (vaccination and further blood test). All animals should be helminthicided (appropriate act should be drawn by responsible veterinarian). Individual requirement are foreseen for rabbits (vaccination against hemorrhagic pneumonia and myxomatosis). In any case you should remember that animal maintenance in the pet shop is stressful for them so permanent control over their health is necessary.

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