General terms for the sale of animals and fishes

Aim of our company is offering a wide product range and qualitative services on high level.

Availability of animals in the shop is its visiting card and one of important key factors of shop’s level. As any other product group animals should be presented properly and have optimal wide range. If the shop claim for high level presented animals should have good look confirming the good maintenance and care for them.

But to have only good look is not enough for animals. All animals and fish in the shop should have veterinary certificate proving their health (Reference form # 1) that is issued by district or local veterinary clinic by virtue of physical examination. Almost all animals that are selling in the shop should be helminthicided and some species (birds, rabbits, cats and dogs) should be vaccinated.

Existing of any animals in the shop is the stress for them. So their health and immunity should not raise any doubts long before arrival to the shop. Experienced owners know that any pet can be source of joyful and nice companionship. But in case of in observation of sanitary and veterinary norms and rules they can be source of problems and illnesses even for people.

In order to highlight selling of animals from the optimistical point of view we should start from the equipment for selling of animals. We should take into consideration optimum sizes of cages (compulsively suitable for daily cleaning), appropriate material (from which there are made) and auxiliaries (toys, feeders, drinking bowls). As a rule, equipment for selling of fish and reptiles is installed in the aquaria department. All other animals and birds are selling in the general department. Considering the particularity of every animal there is the world practice of designing of equipment for pet shops there. In the Europe it is used to install equipment with back admittance when personnel and all service lines are out of consumers’ eyeshot. It is necessary to understand that in such case 80-100 sm of distance beyond the stands is losing as retail space. In our conditions of not large pet shop area and enough high rent expenditures stands with front service (from the part of display area) are more popular. It allows to save space but require additional preferences: cage is hiding from consumers’ sight before the pet shop’s daily starting.

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