Suzirya Company Group at the AquaTerraShow - 2018

Aim of our company is offering a wide product range and qualitative services on high level.
Suzirya Company Group is always at the center of events in the sphere of the pet industry, especially if this event is of such a huge scale as the AquaTerra Show. The third exhibition dedicated to aquaria, terraria industry and decorative ponds was held in Kiev on August 29 - September 2, 2018 and traditionally exceeded all expectations of both organizers, participants and visitors. Suzirya Company Group, as a partner of the "Association of Zoological Business of Ukraine", also sponsored competitions, was an organizer and participant of this grandiose show.

Suzirya Company Group is the official representative in Ukraine of various brands which became sponsors in the Show. TM Tetra sponsored the first time presented locations AngelShow, the marine location, as well as show of guppies and viviparous fish. TM AQUAEL is the sponsor of the marine location, the exhibition of calligraphic catfish, and the shrimp show of Neocaridina. TM Tropical has traditionally sponsored DiscusShow, as well as marine location. The general sponsor of the third Ukrainian Betta Show was TM AquaLighter. At the 11th competition of arrangement of aquariums "Microaquarium-2018" TM AquaLighter was a lighting sponsor.

The competition for the design of new FLEX nano aquariums from the Fluval brand was also held on the AquaTerra Show. The aim of it is to popularize aquadesign as a special kind of creative activity in Ukraine, to present a new generation of Fluval aquariums and non-standard solutions in their designs. The format of the event was supposed to be a competition for decorating 6 Fluval FLEX aquariums. The winner of the contest received a certificate for 500$ from the Fluval brand. The organizers of the contest: Suzirya Company Group, TM Fluval.

EXO SHOW exotic animals exposition - exotic animals representatives from BION Terrarium Center in stylish, beautifully designed, branded terrariums of the world-famous terrarium brand ExoTerra. There was also held the first Ukrainian championship of children's and youthful aquarium arrangement competition, the purpose of which is popularization of aquarium business, to show children the world in a home biotope, to promote the development of children's and youthful aquariums in Ukraine. Official sponsors: Suzirya Company Group, TM Priroda, TM Tetra, TM AQUAEL, TM АquaLighter.
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